2014-12-31 15.22.59

Annas Gingerbread

50-60 Truffles

1/2 dl Glögg or Mulled Wine

38 ml Double Cream

350 g chopped Milk Chocolate for Ganache

300 – 500 g tempered Dark Chocolate for coating

150 g crushed Swedish crispy Gingerbreads like Annas

Pre-made Dark Truffle Shells

Chop the chocolate for the ganache.

Bring cream just to boil and add mulled wine. Pour the cream over chopped milk chocolate and create a smooth emulsion.

Fill the dark truffle shells with the cooled mulled wine ganache.

Please check here if you want to know how to temper your chocolate.

Use your fingertips to close the shells with tempered dark chocolate. Dip the truffles in dark tempered chocolate and coat with crushed gingerbreads.

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